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Some art posted

2010-11-13 22:54:43 by RiggedHinsoma

Well, as I said earlier, mine and Atticus's first art was posted but now I've decided to add other's ones. Please check on them if you wish, vote, review anything

Posted the first art

2010-11-13 22:11:27 by RiggedHinsoma

From my previous news, I was thinking of posting some art that myself and other's had been working on, and I posted the first one. Tell me what you guys think about it, within here, or give it a review/vote


2010-11-13 20:03:45 by RiggedHinsoma

Questioning or not, if I should post some art on Newgrounds. Been thinking about it since yestoday

Oh and I'm also available for voice acting if anyone wants any done, just send me a PM or whatever and we'll see if I'm the person (voice) you need

Horray for joining

2010-11-12 23:21:06 by RiggedHinsoma

Just joined New-grounds, hooray